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    NASCAR 2003


    N2K3 Racing 2003 Season will immerse you in the most captivating N2K3 racing experience available on the PC. Tracks come to life as dirt, debris, and oil buildup on the windshield, clouds cast shadows and flags wave in the breeze, giving players the most engaging driving experience available for the PC. Extraordinary 3D graphics, an explosive sound system, driving lessons and track tutorials, and 2003 drivers, teams and paint schemes will complete the legacy of award winning N2K3 Racing games. Order today and be running laps at N2K3 famous tracks with all of your friends within hours.




    • Goodyear and Jasper Motorsports engineers helped to make it most realistic N2K3 sim ever.
    • The new adaptive AI feature can automatically adjust the field to your skill level while you race.
    • Dirt collects on the windshield and the sun glares off the windshield adding a new challenge.
    • Race online via LAN or Internet against a full field of 42 other human drivers.
    • Fully populated pit road makes it harder to find your pits and a more immersive racing experience.
    • Better track model with all of the bumps and grooves of their real life counterparts.
    • 10 video driving lessons explain the rules of N2K3 and give important sim racing tips.
    • Driving aids help the beginner get up to speed but are easily disabled for veteran sim racers.
    • Long time fans of the N2K3 Racing series will notice lots of little audio surprises.
    • All servers listed in the SMS Lobby ( you can download the lobby HERE )




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