Friday, June 22, 2018

League Admin / Server Owner



League Admin orders CFM for there LEAGUE

Admin will recieve a Email with login info for CFM control Panel..

Eamil contains usefull links for direct links to files and control panel ..










Doesnt have to be registered to Download cars..

After registration you will get a email with account info and activation number..Check spam folder if you do not get email with in a couple min..

Must be logged in to upload cars..

You have to register for each league you want to upload 2...

Cars must be in series folder before upload..

User can overwrite there uploads at anytime cant delete there uploads unless admin deletes user from system..





CFM Screen



Top Left   League

Upload Cars must be registered and logged in for that league to upload..You have to register for each league if your a part of more then 1..1

Interupt  cancel downloads that have been started it will finish last one it started...

Download  download cars selected under Files Needed..

Top Right Series this drop down looks at what you have installed on your pc..If your league is running ncts you will have to have that installed first to get car files..


NRT User Guides

Billing Login

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